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Uncaught typeerror when creating a dropdown button in bootstrap 5 – HTML

The “uncaught typeerror” that you’re encountering when creating a dropdown button in Bootstrap 5 likely indicates that there is an issue with the JavaScript code that you are using to create the dropdown button. This error message is usually displayed when there is a problem with the syntax or logic of your JavaScript code, and it typically occurs when the JavaScript interpreter is unable to execute the code as expected.

One common cause of this error is a missing or incorrect reference to the Bootstrap JavaScript library. In order to use the dropdown button feature in Bootstrap, you need to include the Bootstrap JavaScript library in your HTML file, typically by adding a script tag to your HTML file that references the Bootstrap library.

Another potential cause of this error is the use of an older version of Bootstrap. Bootstrap 5 is not compatible with previous versions of Bootstrap, so you will need to ensure that you are using the latest version of Bootstrap in order to use its features.

Another common cause is the use of incorrect selectors or classes while writing the JavaScript code. You should ensure that the dropdown button element has the correct classes and id’s and that the JavaScript code is written to target the correct selectors.

If you are having trouble determining the cause of this error, it may be helpful to consult the Bootstrap documentation or reach out to the Bootstrap community for assistance. Additionally, you can use developer tools of your browser to debug your HTML and JavaScript code, it will help you identify the root cause of the error.