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Database Terminology

There are several terms and concepts that are commonly used in the field of database management and design. Understanding these terms is essential for working with databases and designing efficient and effective database systems.

Here are some common terms and concepts in database terminology:

  • Data: Data is the raw information that is stored in a database. It can be in the form of numbers, text, images, or other types of media.
  • Database: A database is a structured collection of data that is stored in a computer system. It is typically organized into tables, which are structured collections of data that represent entities or objects.
  • Table: A table is a structured collection of data that represents a specific entity or object. Tables are made up of rows and columns, and each row represents a specific record or instance of the entity. Tables can be related to other tables through relationships, which define the connections between the data.
  • Field: A field is a specific piece of data within a table. Fields are typically organized into columns in a table, and each field represents a specific attribute or characteristic of the entity.
  • Record: A record is a specific instance of an entity or object in a table. It is made up of a collection of fields, and represents a single occurrence of the entity.
  • Primary key: A primary key is a field or set of fields that uniquely identifies each record in a table. It is used to identify and distinguish each record from other records in the table.
  • Foreign key: A foreign key is a field or set of fields that refers to the primary key of another table. It is used to establish a relationship between two tables, and allows data from one table to be related to data in another table.
  • Index: An index is a data structure that is used to improve the speed and performance of queries on a table. It is a way of organizing the data in a table so that it can be searched more efficiently.
  • Normalization: Normal